To become an agentĀ 

To become an agent you have to accept our values and mission. Second, you have to create your account on the platform. In this way you can be able to offer services inside the platform. You have to fix a price expressed in a monetary value. At the end of the month you will receive your fair share of the amount collected deducted by the cost of the Posto Segreto commision, that is the 25% of the final price.

Value e missionĀ 

Posto Segreto is a progressive composition of a common unique world. Our mission is driven by the necessity to protect something endlessly fragile. This is the pact in between us. This means that it can always change. This transformation is vital, when it starts to stink it means it is dying.

Posto Segreto is a community. To be a community means to perform action together. We primarily perform action in order to change our behaviors, then our thoughts, our feelings and then our perspective.